Unregistered land is not ownerless land is is simply land that has not been registered with HM Land Registry. It is possible to locate the owners of unregistered land and we recommend www.FinderMonkey.co.uk to locate owners of unregistered land for you. They locate the land owners for you and provide the living owners current address and telephone number.

Unregistered Land - Ownership Search

Here you will find pages on all aspects of unregistered land. Unregistered land is land that is not Registered with Land Registry, it is not ownerless land it just means the person who does own the land has probably done so since before the time when you had to register land with Land registry, this is not as far back as you might think. first registration of land has become more common place since 1985. You will find information on this site relating to

  • How to Buy Unregistered Land
  • How to Claim Unregistered Land
  • How to Find the Owners of Unregistered Land
  • What is Unregistered Land

You will be able to find lots of information relating to unregistered land.