What is Trespassing in the eyes of the law and what can be done about it?

Trespass is when an individual or their property enters the property if another without their consent or pre-existing agreement such as a right of way easement. Or in layman’s terms it is going on land or in a building without permission. The trespasser is the individual who is performing the trespass. An item maybe in trespass if it is put on land without permission, for example a vehicle may be in trespass.

It is against the law to trespass on any land or in any building and ignorance of that fact is no defence under this law. The word trespass covers much more than people usually realise. All land in this country belongs to someone. If you go on to land without the owner’s permission, you are trespassing unless there is some right of access for the public, or for you specifically (for example if you have acquired a right to pass over the land to reach some land of your own).

If someone is trespassing on your land you can go to the court for an injunction and if they breach the term of this injunction they can be found in contempt of court. Right of way law is a complicated matter so have a good look around the rest of the site.

Right of Way law is a complicated matter, we really hope this site helps you to find what is trespassing