Right of Way Disputes can be a difficult issue to resolve. The dispute can sour relationships between neighbours or between families depending on the extent of the dispute. If you have a right of way dispute then there are many things that can be done to resolve the matter in a timely and friendly manner. Old records can often resolve these matters so consider using any or all of the following agencies to help you in your quest,

HM Land Reistry

If you find you have a right of way dispute then all Land Registry documents are available so this should be a great starting point. You can use the documents and any maps to discover who has rights over certain pieces of land and who if anyone is the registered owner.

National Archieves

Right of way disputes can often have their origins in the past so try and look at the national Archives as they can contain detailed information about various land issues.


FinderMonkey.co.uk specialise in finding the owners of unregistered land, so if you needs to find out who owns land but the Land Registrey don’t have any details FinderMonkey.co.uk should be able to help.

As we said Right of Way disputes are complicated matters but ones that can be resolved, it is important for you to keep a clear head and try to become your own detective during these investigations, let your head find the facts rather than your heart.

Good luck with your Right of Way dispute.