Buying land can be straight forward. If it is for sale then obviously the owner of the land has stated a price that they deem acceptable for the land and a deal can be easily done but what if you want to buy some land that is not for sale or land that you can’t even find the owners of? This is much more difficult. Finding land owners can be difficult for two reasons, firstly land is much more likely to be unregistered with HM Land Registry, this doesn’t mean the land is ownerless it simply means that the owner has owned the Land for a long time and has not informed HM Land Registry, they would be able to prove ownership of the land by having copies of their own title deeds, should you wish to purchase land that it unregistered you would have to go through the process of first registration with Land Registry once a sale had been agreed, compulsory registration of land has been introduced sometime ago to deal with the issue of unregistered land. The second problem that you may have is if the land is registered, how can you describe the land in a manner that will help Land Registry look into the matter and tell you who owns the land, this is more complicated than it may sound.

Every house and property in the UK has an address so it is easily described as 1 High Street for example unfortunately land is not defined in the same way so the land at the side of 1 High Street may be describes as just that, Land at the side of 1 High Street or Land to the east of 1 High Street or land to the north of High Street or all other connotation. This makes finding the owners of land much more difficult. Land Registry have introduced a SIM to help get round this issue which does offer some success. A SIM or Search of the Index Map allows you to highlight the piece of land you want to find the owner of and submit it to Land Registry; they will then search for the corresponding title number and supply that you so you can perform the relevant searches to find the owner. Once you have found the owner buying land should be the easy part!

Good luck with Buying Land.