Unregistered Land - Ownership Search

Land Ownership is a complicated matter. Unlike property ownership it is much harder to explain to HM Land Registry which piece of land you are referring to. If you have a need to find the owner of a piece of land then you would be better served using a professional company to locate the land owners for you.

If you are going to perform your own Land Search you will need to order a Search of the Index Map (SIM) from HM Land Registry. You will fill in the details of the land you are looking for and can attached a plan of the land in question. It should be noted that you are charged £5 for this service. It is a relatively complicated process but can give you the ownership details you require. If you would prefer to use a professional service then www.findermonkey.co.uk will perform a registered land search for £39.99 and will prepare all documents and submit the SIM in the correct manner for you, they will also explain all results that are returned from the Land Registry.

If the search comes back negative this means that the Land is unregistered. Unregistered land is not ownerless land it is simply land that is not registered with Land Registry. Peforming an unregisterd land ownership search is a difficult task and there is no set way to locate the owner. The owner will be the only person who will be able to prove ownership of the land in question. There is a professional unregistered land service at www.findermonkey.co.uk, their land researchers will trace the owners of unregistered land for you. The service is priced at £120.

We hope we have given you a few tips in relation to unregistered land and searches to do with Land Ownership