What is a Private Road?

Private roads do not belong to the local authority and it is not their duty to maintain them, they are unadopted roads. There are thought to be over 40,000 private roads in England and Wales. A private road can be a highway for one or more classes of traffic. It can become a highway through use by the public over a period of time. Some of these Private Roads are ancient so the ownership of older roads is often unknown, though residents may be able to register the title. You can find companies that perform private road ownership searches

What is a private road

Since the local authority does not look after Private Roads it is up to the residents to maintain the road themselves and this is usually in the form of an association or a company is set up, they can then deal with any issues as one, issues such as insurance, maintenance, parking and trespassing would all fall under the remit of the company, the organisation is more important that the how it is organised. If you are considering buying a house on a private road your solicitor will be able to check out what the current situation is amongst the current residents, although to find that there was some organisation in place would of course be reassuring.

There are services that can help you locate the owners of private roads – we found that FinderMonkey.co.uk have a Unregistered Land Service that can help you locate owners of Private Roads. We hope this has helped you answer What is a private road